The Phantastic Zoo

[Press cover for Ebook plus Audio] Join Mary and Tim on a field trip to the Zoo, where they see elephants, exotic birds and lions. Follow as Mary and Tim meet the Wizard Zitthoona, who performs exotic music on his magic flute and ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo! Experience the stories the children hear from the fabulous beasts, The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon!

Dancing Night Hawk

[Press cover for Ebook plus Audio] Dancing Night Hawk is an epic tale inspired by Native American Myths. It tells the story of young Dancing Night Hawk who must save the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa, the Thunderbirds who protect their village, from the Ma’ha’kuk, the evil Dragon Lords who hold the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa captive in their fortress.  Join Dancing Night Hawk on her terrific adventure! Illustrations are drawn from the beautiful live show!

The Musical Forest

[Press cover for Ebook plus Audio] The benefits of Music are introduced through imaginative adventure and world-class symphonic music!

Join Squiggle T. Buglet as she adventures through The Musical Forest.  She learns music words and experiences musical adventures with her teacher friends from whom she earns ‘seed pods’, one for each music fundamental.  Her goal is to reach The Mysterious Cave of Doctor Soundartus and make music on his Magic Music Wall.