by Christopher Kaufman | Flowing Surges

Welcome, I am a creator of fantasy works, a composer of music for the classical concert stage and film and a presenter of concerts.

I began writing fantasy stories when I was five, and started making illustrations when I was nine. I found music later, when I attended the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. discovered that I loved music, especially that of Stravinsky, Varese and others and I lived the life of a composer for many years.

When I finished with school (Doctorate in Music Composition, Cornell University), I started my  performance group, CHIRON Performing Arts, through which I’ve presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines. 

My stories never left me, in fact, all the while I was earning my music degrees,   I put myself to sleep with my stories, which later became Tales Of The Ocean City.

When I first started writing these stories down, I was not satisfied, but when I started my home studio and began creating the narration and music together, they took flight and my personal unique path to rich ‘immersive’ storytelling was begun.

I believe in “The Power of Fantasy” to transform lives.  Check out my Blog below…

I created the first two books of TOC and then worked on other projects for a while; symphonies, chamber music, environmental music, and then I started a new concert series, The Phantastic Theater, when my daughter, Sofia, was born.  For this, I created works which combine symphonic music, live players, visual projection, giant puppets, and dance and voice-acting to create beautiful presentations like living books.  I even made a couple movies.

Then it was time to return to the heart project, the most important one, the story I had in my mind for all of these years, Tales Of The Ocean City.  

In 2022 I wrote the final three books of the initial adventure sequence, The Vorm Warwhich tells of the adventures of Harl’ut and Vispushin, the telepathic pegasus of the race I named Perianths, and the other brilliant characters who inhabit the planet Tir’whol.

I am particularly proud of my female characters; the Princess Bryn’lynn, the scientist/inventor, Medeas, the heroic sisters, Alessia and Alaxa, who captain the guard and lead armies into desperate battle and who are inspired by my sisters Alice and Alexandria, and, of course, Vispushin herself, whose character is inspired by my animal friends.  

Each medium can stand alone –  physical book, audio book, Ebook – but I inspire fantasy lovers to listen and read at the same time for the full experience.  That’s why I offer the Ebook/Audio Book combo on my site up front.  But the chief thing is for people to experience the story, however works best for them.

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