Tales Of The Ocean City

Epic Fantasy Series

Tales Of The Ocean City is an epic fantasy series. A young civilization is forced to confront The Vorm, a terrible enemy from the deep past. Join Harl’ut and the noble pegasus Vispushin, with whom he shares a close telepathic connection, on this powerful adventure – as they lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive and join the heroes of The Ocean City in epic battle.

“Tales Of The Ocean City is a great story with music that creates a vivid sensual atmosphere.  Powerful, extremely imaginative work!” – Alexandria Pallas

Book Six is now here! Tales Of The Ocean City: The Green World: Part One! Enjoy this terrific new adventure. Part Two is being written now!

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The opening 5-book series – “The Vorm War” – is available now. The author is now working on the second TOC series – “The Green World.”

Cover Designs by BRITTANY WILSON

“Tales Of The Ocean City by Chris Kaufman is a rare kind of experience — a brilliant form of entertainment that masterfully blends these beautiful episodic stories with dazzling art… And when you add his soundtracks and audio book versions to the mix, fantasy readers who also love epic music are in for a treat! Consume the wonderful world of Kaufman’s creative work!” F.J.Bayrog – Fantascize Mag.


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